Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's something a good boyfriend does NOT do:

A good boyfriend does not say "rrf!" or "a-doi!" after his girlfriend says something that he already knows. Boyfriends who look 38 but try to act as if they look 37 are just depressed that they are finally actually old. You made it! Jerk!

A good boyfriend, actually, finally "matures", like a fine wine or jar of peanut butter. So, think about that one for a minute, and then consider other possible answers to questions you already knew the answers to, such as:

- (cheerily) Yes, I know!
- (serious) Thank you for telling me, I did not know that!
- (retort) Witty comeback (must be actually funny)
- (nod)
- Take her to dinner and tell her how beautiful her eyes are.
- Make passionate love to her right there, that instant, and then feed her chocolate until you fall asleep, wake up around 11 pm to lock the door and turn off the tv.

That's today's tip.


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