Monday, August 15, 2005


When you and your girlfriend are supposed to meet at a party, be sure to greet her upon entering the room. If you don't see her right away, you can greet friends first, etc., but make sure at some point you meet up with her and say hello.

If there are females at the party who you've professed your love and admiration over in detail to your girlfriend, it's a good idea to keep any chat sessions you have with them brief. Just admire them from afar, instead.

When going to a party, a nice, reasonable amount of time to stay for is 3 hours, unless the situation calls for you to stay longer. If you end up staying for 8 hours, try to spend some of that time talking to your girlfriend.

If you're talking forever and ever with a girl who you've told your girlfriend "she should separate you from if she ever sees you talking to her", don't be surprised if your girlfriend comes over to make her presence known. And when she does, give her some attention. She obviously wants it.

The bottom line is, your girlfriend, and really anyone, wants to and deserves to be loved. So don't hold out on her. Love her, you fucking selfish anus. And if you don't love her, just tell her, so she can put time into finding someone who does.


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