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Heyyy. Chanced upon your blog a few hours ago. Awesome advice but what do you do when your boyfriend is angry at you?? Some tips?


Dear Fatima:

This blog is not a "Tips For When Your Boyfriend Is Mad At You" blog. This is a blog, mostly for men, about "How To Be A Better Boyfriend."

That being said, this brings up a good point:

Good boyfriends don't get mad at their girlfriends.

Good boyfriends live to make their girlfriends happy. They cook for their girlfriends. They take them out. They show them a GOOD TIME. They tell them jokes and paint their toe nails. If your boyfriend isn't doing these things, maybe he should be reading this blog.

Fatima, what is he mad at you about? Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know that you wear the pants? He is lucky you don't pack your bags and ditch his mad ass.

Unfortunately for women, there are so many hotter women out there than there are men. But most women are nuts. You, Fatima, are not. You are a fluffy pancake of bliss. So, what is going on in his man brain?

If your boyfriend is mad at you, I suggest you respond with kindness, no matter how ridiculous his anger may be. People in general, and especially testosterone laden men, don't respond well when they are mad to you being mad, too. Put on a goo goo face, tickle his tummy, and treat him just like a fat little baby who needs a meal and a nap, because that's what he is. No matter what he says, don't lose your temper. When you lose your temper, YOU LOSE!

Don't mock his anger, Fatima, because that will just make him cheat on you.

Say, "What's wrong?" in your sweetest voice. Rub his shoulders while he tells you. Give him neck kisses and in the lightest of condescending tones, remind him over and over that he's not mad at you, and that you love him. Stop doing whatever it is that makes him mad, if it's something you can stop doing. If it's not, you're going to have to learn how to do it a little less obviously.

Good luck with that mad man!


Blogger soar. said...

"Doesn't he know that you wear the pants?"

You must live somewhere crazy if guys don't wear pants.

4:28 PM  
Blogger omeganublet said...

I was wondering if you had any advice on how to be a better boyfriend without being a trained slave. Respecting, loving, helping, listening. Thats all understandable but everything i kinda read was more like. Hey how about you do all of this shit for me and then ill think that your cool...I was hopin for more information on how to be a better listener not saying i dont get what your saying and leaving only one person to do all the work can be hard i dont agree upon that. But why not just generalize the idea of sharing in the work load, of making everything be 50/50 or as close to it as possible. thank you :)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Janice said...

I think this blog should be turned into a website..linked to all those sites thar promote men cheating lying and acting like jerks. But I do have to say we as women give the men the power and ability to be jerks, if we all left the jerks they would realize they are alone and would change.!

check this out...

2:47 PM  
Blogger GetReal said...

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that, women especially, subscribe to the notion that in order to be a REAL MAN, you have to be a complete asshole. Get a clue ladies. Men need to be told that NO, getting mad is NOT OK, owning your anger is. Getting mad at your spouse, IS NOT OK, communicating and negotiating is. So many dysfunctional people in this world, that look at real life advice as a "pussy" wake up call. NO ONE "wears the pants" in the relationship, it is a 50/50, and if it isn’t, then you are probably with someone that is way younger than you or way older than you, not at the same level as you are in life on all aspects, that you got drunk one night and took home from a bar and now because you are getting laid, you want to call that a "relationship". MOVE ON! Ever hear anger breeds anger? Negativity breeds negativity? YES-YES it does, so be the bigger person and remove yourself from it or learn ways to defuse it because like Confucius says "an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind! – and this is coming from a female…to be a man that is strong enough to feel secure in his own manhood in all emotional arenas, is a man strong women want….

11:44 AM  

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