Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This is a new blog segment called:

Letters From The "Most Honest" Person In The World

Christopher (my "super honest" boyfriend) writes seductive and provocative letters to a variety of women around the world (who aren't me) because obviously not having a job gives him lots of free time. In today's email, he writes to a girl who he constantly tells me as soon as he breaks up with me he is going to fuck her. He writes letters to her and asks her to come over, he has photos of her tits on his computer, here he asks her have lunch with he and I, and if not, then to just to go out with him for lunch. For the record, he's taken me out for lunch about one time in the last four years because he swears he's really broke and poor. Oh, and he's also the most busy person in the world. He doesn't have time to take me out, but he has plenty of time and money to take other girls out.

He just borrowed $2000 from his mom so that he could chase me to Edinburgh. I asked him not to come but he's insisting on going.

from Christopher to the girl:

Today, Jessica made some comment about you and so I said "let's go out for dinner---all THREE of us---so you can meet XXXXXX. You'll like her"
> Would you be game? Jessica has a harder time being prejudiced or angry at people she gets to know. (EX: she's now friends with a number of my ex-girlfriends. And two of her best buddies are girls who tried to seduce me and gave me head years back!) (I have high standards and refused to bang em or kiss em or such. They practically date raped me.)
> If you are unwilling to have dinner with us (somewhere cheap maybe Yaffa Cafe which I love) how about YOU AND I go out for brunch or such?
> I told jessica that every time she loses her temper or beats me I get to write love letters to girls as a response. So I should send you some more if she keeps it up.
> Women!
> Aargh,
> Christopher

Better Boyfriend Tip: If you are dating someone, don't write seductive or provocative letters to other women. The woman who you are dating is the woman who should get the most attention from you.