Monday, January 12, 2009

How To Be A Better Boyfriend -- THE WORKSHOP!

Register for the *How To Be A Better Boyfriend* WORKSHOP and learn how to be
a responsible, caring man who can KEEP a partner around. This fun and silly yet
seriously inspirational workshop will teach you, in very simple terms, how to be
a better boyfriend.

In this workshop, you will learn:

*How to treat your partner right
*How to be a better lover
*How to get (or make) your sweetheart the right gifts for every occasion
*How to communicate better in your relationship
*How to develop your relationship and take it to the next level
*How to have more fun with your girlfriend
*How to use your sense of humor in the relationship
*Your best qualities and how to hone them
*How to be a better boyfriend!

...And So Much More!!!

This workshop is for men who:

-- are in relationships which they'd like to see improve
-- are just starting out in new relationships
-- have recently broken up with or were broken up with and aren't quite sure what went wrong
-- have recently broken up with or were broken up with and knew exactly what went wrong
-- men who are bad at having relationships
-- men who are bad boyfriends

In one 3 hour power course, you will learn some basics which will teach
you go from polished jerk to shining gem.

Discovering Your Inner Un-Jerk
Tuesday, January 27th
6:30 - 9:30 PM

email for details, location and to pre-register

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Nincompoop

Today we meet a man who found himself in techno-trouble with a tantalizing text message to a buddy.

I came accross your "how to be a better boyfriend blog" and I really need your advice. I have been with the same girl for 9 years. Anniversary was Dec 31 (2 days ago) which I totaly blew.

I really do love her but have found myself flirting too much lately with other girls. This time took the cake though. While my gf and I were at dinner for our special night, I texted my buddy commenting how hot the waitresses were. I got up and went to the bathroom and sure enough when I got back, she had read what I wrote and was in tears. I am such an idiot. Even though it may be harmless to me, it is definitely not to her. Needless to say dinner was finished immediately and I went to drop her off at her work (a bar) where she went and shared how much of an asshole I am with everyone there. She slept at a friends house and did call me all night (most of which I was too passsed out to hear.) She blasted me like crazy when she got home but then after a while of me apologizing and sincere crying, she seemed to forgive.

I still feel horribly guilty and can't really believe she is just going to brush that off so easily. What do you think I should do to try to make up for the anniversary and what should i do to take steps of being a 1 man guy and losing my urges for other women???

Dear Techno-Turd:

For starters, I don't think you will ever "lose your urges" for other women. And I'm not suggesting that you "lie" to yourself or anyone else about those urges. But I think you can manage your urges better, for starters, you goofy brained twit.

It appears that you knew what buttons to push to piss off your girlfriend, and then for some reason, perhaps unintentionally, but perhaps not, you went ahead and pushed them, crushing your girlfriend's ego on a night that was supposed to be about the two of you. You turned a romantic evening into a creep-a-thon. Way to go, shit for fingers. Though it seemed harmless enough to you, ask yourself -- what did you have to gain from writing that message? It wasn't funny or insightful. It was very after school special stupid of you. Are you a jock? Jocks are brainless doofuses who go after all the tail because their small brains don't have the intellect to know that beauty is fleeting. So, the next time you are driven to do something that you KNOW deep down is going to make you and your girlfriend feel disconnected, just ask yourself -- Am I a jock? If your response is -- "Duhhhh!" then, by all means, go ahead with your plan. If your answer is, "No", then put the cellphone down, man! And instead of looking everywhere else, look instead at your lady and tell HER that SHE is beautiful. That's the better boyfriend way.

It sounds to me like she got back at you in her mind. She spent New Year's Eve with her friend and when she got home, she blasted you, and then was willing to move on. If she is willing to forgive and forget, I think you should let her. If you want to try to make it up to her, that could be a nice gesture. Perhaps you can try to take her out to a restaurant where all the MEN are super hot. Are you man enough to take her to HUNKAMANIA in NYC, an all male revue, and let her get some eye candy in for a change?

As for losing your urges, as I mentioned, I don't know if that can happen, at least not until you are older and more mature. Sure, you may feel urges in your heart to think or say things that you know are going to hurt your girlfriend, but you don't have to act on them. Be in control of your mind and body. Perhaps meditation or yoga is something to consider -- something that helps you to focus on self control. But in the mean time, you can remember incidents like this and how much discord and calamity they cause. Who wants to spend even one minute crying? Crying is for sissies and faggots. Are you a sissy or a faggot? The next time you feel like crying, just ask yourself -- Am I a sissy or a faggot? Not that there is anything wrong with crying, or being a sissy, or being a faggot. But seriously. Crying should be saved for important events, like deaths and births and weddings, not for stupid text message dramas. BORING!

I had a boyfriend once who used jealousy to manipulate and control me. He would flirt vivaciously with women all the time -- in front of my face, behind my back and in every other angle of my vision. He knew it hurt me and he'd insist it didn't mean anything. But it meant to me that he didn't respect me or care about how it made me feel. And now, he can flirt with any woman he wants to, because he is single. Meanwhile, I've moved on into a very loving and caring relationship.

Life is short and you should remember that you are very lucky to find someone to love who loves you back. Appreciate that person, and have the self-esteem and the maturity to behave respectfully to yourself and to others, especially the woman you love.