Monday, September 13, 2010

Fan Mail

Today, we have a letter from a reader who wants to win his ex back, below. He promises more details to come. Does anyone want to take a psychic guess at what he might have done to lose his love?

I recently broke up with a girl I am madly in love with. I was not the best boyfriend ever, to be honest more towards the worst. She gave me countless chances and decided to give up on me but I am not giving up on her because I want to be better but I know I will only have one shot at this. Can you please respond so i may include details? I love her to death and I want the best for her but she doesn't trust or believe me. How do I fix this? (and trust me there's more)

Thank you,
[Pathetic Paramour]

Tune in soon to see what this lousy lothario may have done and how we can attempt to fix the problem. And send in your letters and questions!